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How to convert a formula into a number?
Use the parseInt(Logger capsule) function. Ensure the Formula mode is toggled ON:
How to rename column names in Databases?
Click any of the column headers once. The editable text field will appear for all the column names present in the tab...
Is there any piece of code or script to know the current timestamp in the trigger output?
Toggle On the Formula mode and use the following code: new Date().getTime()
What is the maximum time a user can specify as a reply expiry time in the User reply expiry time field of the connectors such as WhatsApp by GupShup, WhatsApp by Zoko, WhatsApp by Netcore, and other WhatsApp connectors?
There is no definite range of time to be specified. You can specify anything in seconds. E.g., 30.
How to find an app/connector/adaptor that Quickwork builds?
Please visit the Apps Directory page on the Quickwork website and search for the required app. If it’s not present, e...
Can there be a journey where the email address of a visitor who clicks the subscribe button on the website gets added automatically to a dedicated Google Form?
Google Forms are frontend record snatchers where the users are asked to fill in the data as requested. It cannot be p...
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